Korah aims to provide operational efficiency through information technology solutions.
From initial project consultation, system architecture design and development to providing proprietary software development tools and niche products, our main objective is dealing with the current IT challenges in a cost-effective way. Our resources have extensive design and implementation skills for exhibiting the best practices in project management and execution. We pride on exceeding our clients’ expectations in every aspect of the system service delivery cycle, from initial concepts to final system deployment. With our focus and expertise, Korah brings peace-of-mind to you, so that you can concentrate on your core business.

End-to-End Application Development Services

At Korah, we specialize in complete end-to-end development life cycle with multiple computer languages (.Net, Java, XML, COBOL, etc). Korah has a 3 to 6 months rapid development cycle from start to roll-out. Throughout each phase, we provide a firm fixed price offering after evaluation.

The Development Process



Korah is a competitive player in the IT sector. We will research and apply the latest cutting-edge technologies in software development to solve your IT issues in the most cost-effective way.



We will complete a thorough feasibility study to identify and understand exactly what you require from the project and its overall viability. Afterwards, we provide a thourough briefing on project feasability.



Work with us every step of the way as we perform a prototype architecture design to develop an application that will target and fulfill each of the requirements that were demanded from your project proposal.



Korah offers comprehensive services including system integration, maintenance, and support, collaborating with clients to ensure the system delivered meets your business goals for better profitability and efficiency.

Legacy Modernization

Korah has been helping large telecommunications corporation in modernizing their legacy systems and reducing costly system maintenance fees. Modernization will reduce application complexity, improve reusability and increase investment value. Korah, as a versatile and platform neutral IT solution provider, can deliver the rapid, low-risk migration solution to meet the customers' needs.

KATO .Net Framework

Korah has developed powerful customizable .Net frameworks for database systems. Application user interfaces and application flow, both based on web technology, are generated from the database systems through our .Net framework for users to expertly manage large volumes of data. Korah's user interfaces maintain a consistent design throughout the application for intuitive input and information display.

With web technology and a mobile interface, our application grants users expanded freedom to manage their information anywhere they wish. Customers can continue running their business using the new interface to communicate with their data servers.

Contract Staffing

Korah offers IT contract staffing services, delivering experienced and knowledgable IT professionals to fill the clients' immediate or temporary needs for their diverse requirements across wide spectrum of technologies and positions. We provide seasoned IT resources with strong sense of business acumen that can bring valuable experience and expertise to our clients. Our IT resources are readily available to address any critical IT needs and to achieve reduced cost, greater efficiency and better services.

Data Cleansing

The Trillium Software System delivers improved data quality for all types of data, handles a massive volume of information, and integrates easily across any platform and application.

Comprehensive data profiling, cleansing, standardization, matching, enrichment and monitoring enables organizations to govern international customers and business information in batch or real time. The Trillium Software System is a data quality platform specifically designed with business and IT collaboration in mind.