Kato TV

What is Kato TV for?

Kato TV, a cloud based app, enables you to launch your campaign across your signage network. It conveys your messages (in text, image and video formats) to your target audience at specific time in a timely manner. Your important messages about your products / services, news, or announcement can be broadcasted to general public or specific group of people at your discretion.

In addition, Kato TV, a second generation signage TV, is not only for informing and advertising, similar to those first generation TVs in regular retail stores, but it can also be a cloud based self-serve kiosk.

Enterprise Class:

  • Powerful Content Management System with centrally managed playlist & schedule for each TV,
  • Playing offline,
  • 24/7 Monitoring, and
  • Support Impression Tracking
  • Product Name
    Kato TV
    Designed for
    Retail, Events, General Reception, and Environmental Friendly Bulletin Board
    Implementation Time
    Approximately 5-7 business days


    • Dynamically align the content with your business needs
    • Designed with "Your Show Must Go On" philosophy; No dead air
    • Upgrade corporate image with 1080p signage
    • Environmental friendly
    • Streamline operations
    • Effectively save cost
    • Enhance customer experience
    • Renew brand image
    • Improve sales

    Why Kato TV?

    • Proven in nationwide Walmart stores.
    • Affordable initial and recurring cost.
    • Managed service (optional)
    • Flexible solution addressing your unique requirement.
    • Revenue sharing plan for optional advertising revenue.

    Managed Service

    • Cloud Based
    • Device and Display Independent
    • Split Screen Design
    • Playlist Scheduling
    • Network Monitoring
    • Playlist Logging
    • User Access Management
    • Content Adaptability
    • Media Storage
    • QR Code & eCoupon

    Display Options

    • Display Window / Store Window
      • Convert large display window to giant screen Kato TV
      • Convert portion of your display window (any size and any shape) to Kato TV
      • Convert portion of your display window to touch screen kiosk.
    • TV Wall
    • Video Projector
    • Home Use TV with HDMI Input
    • Android Tablet
    • PC/Mac with Monitor

    Contact us for a demonstration.


    • Connections

      Display promotional content on any digital screens with HDMI and Internet connections.

    • Storage

      SD Card to cache media files for quick loading. Also, it allows for continued operation when Internet connection is lost.

    • Scheduling

      Scheduling System allows the flexibility to display different products dependent on different times during the day, different days during the week, or just specific days.

    • Schedule Content

      One schedule can contain many different contents; the customers do not have to stare at the same promotion all the time unless the promoter wants them to.

    • Schedule Management

      Smart Schedule Management allows schedule merging and priority selection. Two or more schedules can be merged into one for display, and with priority selection, the prioritized schedule can be promoted over any other schedules.

    • Profile Management

      Role-based management allows individuals to change only the system configurations enabled by the permissions given from the administrator.

    • Display

      Up to 3 divided screens can each display its own individual information with roller texts, images, RSS feeds, weather information, and others.

    • Compatibility

      Supports many types of media files extensions like: .3gp .avi .flv .mp4 .mov .wmv .jpg .gif .png