About Us

The Korah team is built with trusted IT professionals and in the past has delivered a broad spectrum of projects for major Canadian telecommunication and financial companies. Our staff are highly experienced in technology integration, legacy modernization, system architecture design, application development, quality assurance, and project management.

Our core team has worked together for over 15 years. In addition to the primary delivery team in Toronto, we have overseas operations as well as offshore development resources located in Asia for around the clock productivity. Thus, we are able to deliver value with pace, performance and agility to our clients.

Boasting over 20 consultants and business partners,

Korah offers quality services and information technology solutions at competitive and cost-effective rates. We pride ourselves in the completion of our assignments above and beyond our clients' expectations.
  • 2011estd.

    Korah was launched in the summer of 2011.

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  • 20+

    Over 20 consultants and business partners.

Our Vision/Mission

Korah was created upon a solid foundation of staff with the technical knowhow and creativity to craft extrordinary solutions to ordinary, everyday IT challenges. We believe in open communication, trust, collaboration and partnership with our clients for delivering best results.

Our Approach

Each project that we undertake is taken on a case by case basis. We understand that the operations, and therefore requirements, of each company is different. By working closely in collaboration with our clients, we can ensure that every end solution that we produce is uniquely tailored to your individual needs.

Our Success

The delivery of our final solution to our valued clients is a hugely satisfying moment. We take great pride in our work and it is that unrelenting commitment to quality IT solutions is what makes us a success. If you have an IT challenge that you need solved, contact us and become part of our success story.

Customer Testimonials

“I know I have said it many times before but I want to say again: that you and your team are simply incredible to work with. You make it look easy and I know from experience that this only happens when preparation meets opportunity. I am looking for every opportunity to work with you again as this is by far the best vendor experience I have ever had. “

- Brett Bisson, Assoc. Director, BST Business Intelligence, Bell Canada

“Congratulations on a job well done. You guys came through without a glitch. I look forward to working with your team in future endeavours.“

- Osama Abu-Shihab, Director, IT Planning & Strategy, Bell Canada